Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Valentine’s Day Horoscope

February 09, 2018

Love is in the air! Read your February 14th horoscope to see what your romantic destiny is this Valentine’s Day.


Your independent and authentic self will shine this month, due to Uranus in the Aires sextiles. Do not doubt yourself, because you will find that sticking to your true self will come in handy this month. Remember, you do not have to change anything in order to be loved and appreciated.



This month, Venus is in Pisces. This will make you more vulnerable than usual. Your heart will soften, and you will be open to love. Use this to your advantage by meeting someone new or doing something nice for your loved one.



This month, your creativity will spike due to Mercury shifting. Let your romance be light-hearted by doing something unexpected with your loved one. Something creative like gardening or dancing will lighten up the mood. This month, you will be propelled into listening to your emotions rather than thinking of everything logically. This is a great time to be in tune with how you feel, take advantage of it and don’t resist.



Love will be sent your way by Venus and Jupiter. Trust your instincts, and a transformation will blossom. The eclipse pushes you to make tough decisions within your relationships, where ego may be an obstacle. When making these decisions, try not to let ego stand in the way. In the end, you can only choose for your happiness, not for others.



Your purpose will be in direct light due to the full moon eclipse. Listen to what your emotions are telling you this month, keep track of them as they will lead you to their purpose. As jupiter squares the sun, you will find it hard to be proactive on moving forward. This can be solved by taking a step back and letting things flow naturally. It will happen. The more you relax and love yourself, the more love will be drawn towards you this Valentine’s Day.



Love will be deep and intellectual this month due to Mercury. Enjoy a relaxing day with your significant other and use this time to get to know each other on a deeper level. This month is the perfect time to meet someone new. You will find it hard to get what you are striving for. This can be solved by using different methods to get what you want. You have the power to create what you want within yourself.



Your compassionate side will surface this Valentine’s Day due to Venus. This is the perfect time to let go of past relationships and start a new one. This may be the deepest, most rewarding relationship you have experienced yet! You will find, however, that Venus and Mars contradict each other, and your love live and sex life will be battling. Let your emotions guide your desires on Valentine’s Day to overcome this.



Seven planets are being transformed due to Pluto. This will cause you to grow spiritually. Let this manifest your vision in your work and love life. You will find yourself feeling restless this Valentine’s Day, don’t let this deceive you and make you do something you will later regret. You are safe and grounded, and there is no need to change anything right now.



Many people will be seeking your attention on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to not spread yourself too thin. Mars inside Sagittarius will cause spontaneity, which will draw people toward you. As people are being drawn to you, you will want to avoid them due to your fear of commitment. This may spark issues with your significant other. Avoid this by being upfront and honest with them.



This month, Saturn will pull your mindset away from the logic that you use to guide your choices. Instead, you will find that your spiritual awareness will rise. Take advantage of this by letting it open up opportunities for your love life. Be careful not to pick needless fights with your loved ones.



The new moon eclipse will give you an unexpected surprise. Be expecting significant change and a fresh start. A big change will feel uncomfortable at first, but it will be for the better in the end. Keep a positive outlook. You will find yourself having a hard time to accept this new change, and you will have difficulty processing. Let yourself feel your emotions and don’t try to fight them, it will soon pass. Remember, everything will happen for the better.



This Valentine’s Day, set your intentions by being grateful. The universe is on the same frequency as you due to Venus, Mercury, and the sun moving into Pisces. This will cause you to radiate and be surrounded by love. Although you are surrounded by love, Mars may cause you to resist, making you to want to act abruptly. Make sure to not let this feeling affect you.

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