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Styling Story: Total Eclipse of the Heart Potion Recipe

February 13, 2019

 Marseille Botton Down Maxi Skirt

Mystical, lush and romantic, with a little hint of magic — our newest story, Total Eclipse, featuring ethereal model Lotta Maybelake. Inspire your February wardrobe and read on to see how to ignite this month’s new moon.

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The Elements:

                  • 1 Red Rose
                  • 1 Red/Orange Candle
                  • 1 Garnet Stone
                  • 1 Pomegranate

In a sacred space, begin your enchantment by arranging your items in a line in front of you.

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With your left hand over your heart, and your right hand extended over your elements, make a statement out loud of your intention, feeling the energy move from your heart into your hands and out, “charging” your items.

To further your practice, take your rose, and standing up, begin to pinch off petals, one by one, as you imagine what your request looks like materialized. As you imagine, arrange the petals one by one in a circle around you. When the circle is complete, light the candle, feeling the lightness and bliss of magic.

Focusing your eyes upon the flame and your thoughts upon your intention, place your right hand over your heart and your left hand towards the flame, feeling the heat of the flame upon your palm and imagining its warmth moving up from your hand to your heart, receiving the flame of passion and your intention materialized.

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Take the garnet stone, place in between the palms in prayer pose against the heart, creating slight pressure between the palms as you take a deep inhalation, experiencing the warmth within you charging up the stone with your vision. Exhale. Keep the stone with you for the next 40 days. (Or longer if you like!)

Gather the petals and place around the candle. Give thanks. Let the candle burn until it’s out. (Place candle in a dish of water or burn responsibly. If you must blow the candle out, do not use your breath, but snuff out with a candle snuffer or non-flammable dish.)

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